There's more to say, more to do, more to be....

This is the prophetic word brought to the church on Sunday 17th by Kirsty.

Remember your people

People remember your God

Remember your children

Children remember your father

I am the almighty God, the holy one of Israel, the restorer of the lost and the helpless,

I am your King

I am your father

I will keep the promises I gave you

I am faithful

Will you be faithful to me?

I have called you

I have loved you and will continue with an ever faithful, ever present love

God, your God, the great I Am, the mighty one

I am with you always

Child of mine it's time to rise up

No longer a child learning the way things are Child you are grown

It is time to rise and take your place in the army, the frontline of the gospel of Christ

There's more to say, more to do, more to be.

Let me give you a picture

Let me be your inspiration

Let me be your dream.

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